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Storytelling in the Age of Digital Marketing

For decades, marketing professionals and advertisers have been harnessing the power of storytelling. Ever since the Mad Men era of advertising, storytelling has been used as a way to assign strong feelings with a brand in order to make lifelong consumers out of audiences. This strategy comes from the understanding that we as humans are social creatures and are hardwired to tell and consume stories as a means to connect with others.

The idea that a story can spark emotion which can then create an action is still the case in today’s world of marketing, if not more so. The only real difference between the megalith ad agencies from the fifties and marketers today (aside from midday cocktails) are the limitless means available to get our stories out into the world.

And oh! What a difference! The internet has made it possible for an infinite number of stories to be consumed. Instead of billboards, radio ads and commercials available to only the highest bidders, it’s now possible for anyone anywhere to spread their message to a global audience. And herein lies the dilemma: as the volume of content has exploded, attention spans have shortened. Captivated audiences are a thing of the past and are about as hard to come by as a good scotch on the rocks during your afternoon work meeting.

For these reasons, telling a compelling, succinct story is the new name of the game, which just so happens to be our specialty here at Next Day Animations! Whiteboard animation videos are short by design, which means no excess information to distract from the heart of the issue. And what’s more, our animations are visually stimulating, therefore creating impressions that stick. And so, we encourage you to think about your story and the way you’re telling it. Is your messaging up to speed with our digital age? If not, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We’d love to hear your story!

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