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The Power of Video Marketing

We could sit here and tell you all the reasons video is great for marketing – it’s engaging, people love to share it, it can simplify complex topics and convey a lot of information quickly in a memorable way – but that’s not what’s powerful about video.

Here’s the secret to why video works… it’s the only medium that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

It appeals to different types of learners. Visual learners will get a lot out of the illustrations. The narration and music will help aural learners process the information. Verbal learners get the voiceover, and the words that are written on-screen. Social learners can comment and interact over the content of the video on social media or elearning platforms, while individual learners are able to easily process the video alone at their own pace.  All of us use multiple methods to process new information, and video is the only medium that works in all these methods at the same time.

It’s approachable. In all our years of doing this work, we have yet to find anyone who’s intimidated by animation. A short explainer video is way less daunting than a giant book, an internet article that wears out your scrolling thumb, a podcast we have to find time to listen to, or a webinar that requires pre-registration and downloading some kind of video conferencing software we’ve never heard of. Video is something we watch for fun in our free time, so it doesn’t seem scary to watch it to learn something. And for something so approachable, it packs in a lot of information and learning. 

It’s flexible. You can post it on social media, you can link to it in RFPs and bids, it’s mobile-friendly so people can watch it wherever they are, and you can embed it on web pages and email signatures. Once you make a video, the only limit to how you use it is your imagination.

It’s fun! Everyone loves watching animated videos. But on top of that, our process to make videos is collaborative, creative, and fun. Clients tell us that working on the video is almost as fun as seeing the final product. We love building partnerships with our clients, learning about a lot of different subjects, and having to figure out how to illustrate new products, services, and scenarios every day. That’s the secret sauce in all of our videos – we have fun making them. And so will you! And that sense of fun really shines through in our work.. People can tell that a lot of sweat, heart, and laughter went into making these animated explainers.

So, now you know our secret to powerful video marketing – put a team of animation and scripting experts together, work with some of the best clients around, use a medium that’s uniquely effective, and sit back and let the magic happen. Behold the power of video marketing.

We’d love to unleash the power of your next big idea!