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Video+Email = <3

Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Needs Animating!

Email marketing can be a challenge. With spam filters, steep competition, diminishing attention spans and the never-ending pursuit of a minimal, Marie Kondo-worthy inbox, email marketing can feel like an uphill battle, one that any sane marketer would choose to steer clear of. If this is really the case, then why are so many people using email marketing? The reason is simple: time and attention. The average person checks their inbox about fifteen times per day and roughly half of their work day is spent with their email tabs open. Perhaps the better question to ask is why certain emails get opened and why some don’t. Email is not the place for cold calls or direct asks. Marketers need to make it their job to provide helpful information that is relevant and useful. Remember, this is the same place where people connect with friends, view family photos and organize their personal lives, a blatant advertisement here can feel down-right spammy.

One way marketers are making the most out of email is through video. Consider the effectiveness of video and its ability to quickly and seamlessly capture attention, direct people to your site and take action. It turns out that people are 144% more likely to buy a product or service after they’ve viewed a video about it, so why not apply some of that effective messaging to email? Studies have found that simply having the word “video” in a subject lines will DOUBLE open rates!

So how can you make sure that the emails you’re sending are actually getting through to people? Here are a few steps that will help make your next email marketing campaign a success:

  • Consider your audience: Who are they? What problems are they trying to solve and where do they turn to for help?
  • Provide useful information: Take inventory of your knowledge and resources, consider how you can share this with your audience.
  • Use explainer videos to quickly and effectively deliver that information to your networks!

If you’d like more information about explainer videos, give us a call! We’d love to hear about what you’re up to and how we can help you and your organization get more out of email using email.