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How Whiteboards Can Enhance your Presentation

Let’s say you’ve got a big presentation coming up. Maybe you are speaking at a conference, pitching your product to a potential buyer, or running a training for new staff.

Whatever the occasion, giving a presentation can be a lot of pressure. All eyes are on you, and you may only have a short amount of time to make a big impression. How do you make the most of your presentation?

Creating a whiteboard animation to accompany your presentation can be a huge game-changer to help you make the most of your presentation.

Whiteboard animations can help you:

Stand Out

When you hear presentation, you probably think of powerpoints. Including an animation can help break the mold and bring some originality to a stale medium.

Share the Spotlight

You want your presentation to be engaging. But when a presentation is just one person talking… your audience’s attention will wane. An animation can help mix up your presentation, to give your audience’s eyes and ears a little variation. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Make Your Point

Animation is a powerful tool for laying out a groundwork and driving home your main points. Think about the main takeaways you want your audience to leave with, and we’ll make sure those are at the heart of your script. The visual component makes helps your audience make connections and strengthens retention. Plus, if public speaking isn’t your favorite activity, a video up your sleeve can help take the pressure off.

Drive Action

If you are giving a presentation, chances are you want your audience to take some kind of action. Animations are a great way to connect and persuade, by helping your audience connect the dots of what’s in it for them.

Plus, animations are so versatile. Here’s how you can incorporate them into a presentation:

  • Brief introduction to orient and engage right off the bat
  • Case study of success story
  • Training with interactive quiz to track retention
  • Several short vignettes to summarize key points
  • …and anything else you can imagine.

If you are preparing for a high stakes presentation, let us help you kick it up a notch with whiteboard animation.

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