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Why We Spent Labor Day Weekend… At Work

By September 9, 2016August 16th, 2019Whiteboard Animation, Next Day Animations

This past weekend, a few of us co-workers from across the country got together in rural Iowa …in an abandoned church! (Okay, it was actually a church converted to a bed and breakfast.)

Why did we give up a precious three day weekend to be there? Three reasons:

1.To Plan for 2017

Day to day, we’re focused on making amazing whiteboard animations. Taking a step back from our work allows us to discuss our processes, dream up new innovations and make an action plan to pull it off!

Improvements implemented from past retreats include the Kickoff Questionnaire, Script Signoff form, design call process and the handy guide for launching your project which we include with all final files.

2. Because we love what we do

When you’re working on something you’re excited about with an awesome group of people, it’s a lot easier to spend a holiday at work. Plus we added in plenty of hikes, cow-admiring, board games (including a fun Quaker card game, Unable, Unwilling), a visit to a drive-in restaurant and time with our hosts.

3. The Minnesota State Fair

After hearing about it for years, some of our non-Minnesota folks were ready for the Great Minnesota Get Together. Deep-fried goodies and the Giant Sing-a-Long were the perfect way to end the weekend.

And this weekend? It’s time for a little R&R.

Some of the team in front of the restored church where we stayed, joined by a new furry friend.

The restored church where we stayed, joined by a new furry friend.

Values brainstorm, ft. all the post-its!

Values brainstorm, ft. all the post-its!

The team enjoying a sunset hike in rural Iowa.

Sunset hike in rural Iowa!