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A Day In The Life: How One Marketing Specialist Gets It All Done

Meet Laura Grothaus, she’s a Solutions Strategist and Marketing Specialist here at Next Day Animations. Laura’s been with Next Day Animations for about 2 years and is a vital part of what keeps sales and marketing running smooth. Read on to learn about she gets it all done: 

(I) Eat my oatmeal with zucchini, carrots, pb, and chia seeds while contemplating today’s emails and schedule. The morning is full of project management, outbound sending, and little tasks, while the afternoon is for team meetings and more intensive creative projects, whether working on the Simplicity Works website or writing a blog post. Regular stretching and intensive hydration throughout.

We love having Laura on our team. She brings her writing skills, creativity and sense of imagination to the job every day. Cheers Laura!