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Healthcare is complicated. Many healthcare organizations struggle to deliver their message clearly in a way that sticks. And being able to communicate with your key audience, whether to train providers, spread the word about your product, or connect with patients, is essential to your organization’s success and your ability to serve your target population.

An emerging trend in Healthcare, explainer videos are a new secret weapon for impactful communication. Video can inform healthcare providers of the latest trends, demystify healthcare for consumers, connect patients with services and care, and much more.

Did you know?

  • 2 in 3 physicians use video to stay abreast of the latest clinical information. (Panopto)
  • 80% of online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will completely read a piece of written content. (DigitalSherpa)
  • By 2021, videos will be responsible for 82 percent of Internet traffic globally. (Cisco)

How can an explainer video serve your healthcare organization?

  • Product/Service explainers: Promote your product or service with video by clearly explaining it and demonstrating its value.
  • Instructional videos: Help your doctors and providers stay up to date on trends and industry developments.
  • eHealth videos: More and more healthcare is happening online. Video can be a great online resource for patients.
  • Online marketing videos: Spread the word about your organization through digital marketing.
  • Internal communication: Share important organizational updates with your team through the streamlined medium of video.
  • Technical Explanations of Pharmaceuticals or Procedures: Animated video is a great way to share nitty-gritty details in an engaging way.
  • Video-based learning: Train your team through video-based learning modules; save time, money and increase retention.

The landscape of healthcare is vast and complicated, and the amount of information Healthcare orgs need to communicate can be overwhelming. Explainer videos can simplify your content into digestible parts that are enjoyable and engaging. Through meaningful and concise communication, explainer videos can help your organization make an impact.