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After making >500 videos in the past six years, we’ve learned a thing or two about which videos have the best odds of getting lots of eyeballs.

Frame Around Issues, Not Orgs

The most videos most often shared have one thing in common: The video is focused on the problem, rather than the group that is working on it. This is the essence of content marketing- creating interesting, valuable, novel or helpful content that people want to share.

So if a group prevents ID theft, rather than making a video about their services, they would probably be better off making a video about ID theft, that leads viewers to their site.

Why? Problems are more interesting and engaging than their solutions without the context of why people should care. And while viewers may be resistant to sharing an advertisement, they might gladly share valuable information.

Tell The Emotional Story

The best videos invoke strong emotions like anger, fear, nostalgia, indignation, relief and hope. Don’t get stuck in a fact-trap, people will forget facts much quicker than emotions. And at the end of the day, it’s their emotions that will motivate them to do something new (like share your video). So share your message with an emphasis on the viewer’s emotional story.


Funny videos get more engagement. Period.

And Lastly, Marketing

Unfortunately, the majority of videos are not an “if you build, it they will come” scenario. There are just too many competing videos out there. If you really want to get viewers (and the right viewers), we highly suggest you invest in getting your video in front of those viewers. Depending on your audience, YouTube and Facebook are probably the best places to start.