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Project Spotlight: New Mexico Wilderness Alliance

Here at Next Day Animations we’ve had the great honor to work with some awesome organizations who’ve made it their job to look after the natural world. The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance exemplifies that mission, and we jumped at the chance to collaborate with them! We share their values of preservation and stewardship, and any excuse to draw beautiful landscapes, flowing rivers, and howling wolves was a delightful added bonus.

The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance has put fourth an initiative to get the Historic Gila river a Wild and Scenic designation. This federally recognized status would keep the river safe from developments and damns that might damage its ecosystem, or distort its natural beauty. It’s easy to see how the river can inspire and activate the people lucky enough to engage with it! We were delighted to learn about its history, and to try and capture its serenity in our visual style.

From wilderness protection campaigns and defense, to education programs that tie communities to the history and significance of the Gila, the Wilderness Alliance is championing the stewardship of the land and ecosystems of New Mexico and Arizona. We were happy to tell one small chapter of their story, and to shine a brighter light on all of their excellent work. Our shared hope is that this video will be an exciting first-stop on a broader path to appreciation for their organization, and the domains they’re fighting for. Check them out at to learn more!