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Breaking The Curse of Knowledge in Your Explainer Animation

We’re Cursed

I hate to break it to you, but we’re all cursed. The things that we understand? We can’t un-know them. This is called The Curse of Knowledge.

And while it sounds like a Harry Potter sequel, it’s actually the term for this specific type of cognitive bias: When we know something, we assume it will be more obvious and easier for others to understand.

We’re Ready to Teach the Master Class

It also just might make us the wrong people to explain the things we know the best. Why? Better than anyone, we understand the nuances, the context and the fine print. We’re ready and itching to teach the master class, whereas others might actually prefer for us to explain it to them like they’re eight years old. Big difference.

There’s Still Hope

This isn’t a complete doom and gloom scenario. Here are three specific ways to get past the curse of knowledge:

  1. Keep it High Level. We’re talking short and sweet. And the typical length of an explainer video, 90-180 seconds, is going to force you to prioritize the core concepts.
  2. Start with WIIFT (What’s In It For Them). You have five seconds to hook someone’s attention, or else they’ll be pushing that “back” button. Start with what’s in it for them, or why they should care. They’re the star of this story, you’re the brilliant solution they choose.
  3. Talk Benefits, Not Features. The explainer is not the place to list out all the details of what makes you unique. It’s the place to list out all the reasons your audience’s life will be better by choosing you or your product or your idea. The list of specifications will still be there… on your website or other materials, but not in your video.

And lastly, we would never leave you on your own to figure this out. You’re the experts in what you do, we’re the experts in persuasive and powerful scripts. It’s our powers combined that create the compelling, clear and concise messaging that inspires action!

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