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How To Use Video Advertising on Facebook

By May 19, 2017May 30th, 2017Whiteboard Animation
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Facebook advertising is a powerful tool to leverage to get your brand in front of your audience’s eyeballs. Almost 2 BILLION people use Facebook every month. Many people check Facebook every day, with the average user spending 50 minutes on Facebook every day. Through advertising on Facebook, marketers have access to their dream audience in an environment they are checking all the time.

Setting Up Facebook Ads

To set up your ad, you’ll need a facebook page for your business. Once logged in to your business’s facebook page, navigate to Facebook Ads Manager. In this interface, find the green “Create Ad” button to get started. You’ll be walked through various steps to bring your ad from idea to reality:

  1. Choose your objective. Are you looking to generate traffic to your site? Make sales? Find leads? Choose your goal to get started.
  2. Create your audience. This is where you get to decide exactly who sees your ad. You can create an audience based on age, gender, profession, location, and interests.
  3. Set your budget & schedule. How much do you want to spend on the ad? And when do you want it to run? The more you budget, the more your ad will be shown to your ideal audience. Learn more about budgeting for Facebook Ads here.

Then, it’s time to design your ad. This is where your video comes in. Though you have the option to use images, we strongly recommend using video to increase engagement. Here, you’ll also add your ad Text and create a call to action button. You’ll be able to see a preview of the ad to make sure it looks just right before publishing.

Facebook Advertising Pro-tips:

  • Video reigns supreme. Having a video in your ad increases engagement and is more likely to catch the eye of someone scrolling through their feed.
  • Include captions in your video. People often watch videos on Facebook with the sound off, so make sure you’re video is impactful even when silent.
  • Keep it short! People have short attention spans so a short video is to your advantage. Think somewhere in the 10-30 second range.
  • Make sure your CTA button aligns with your the objective you selected.
  • You can create an audience based on folks who have already visited your website using a Facebook pixel.
  • When creating an ad for Facebook, you’ll be given the option to run it on Instagram as well. Even if your brand doesn’t have an Instagram account, this is a great way to extend your reach and get your brand visible on multiple platforms.
  • Start with a modest budget and see how the ad performs. Adjust based on your metrics!

Facebook Ads Manager also provides great analytics, so once you start running your ad, remember to check back in. You’ll be able to track impressions, clicks, video views, and more. You can run multiple ads to test things like audience and messaging, and continue to tweak as you learn more about which ads get you closer to your goal. Facebook Ads are a great way to creatively market your brand, while using data to back up your methods. Enjoy getting social with your advertising!


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