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Caitlin Rogers for Failure Friday: an Interview with Side Hustle School

A digital drawing of Caitlin Rogers in black and white; her headshot on a red background next to the Side Hustle School logo. Reads 'Caitlin Rogers for Failure Friday' an interview with Side Hustle School

In the spirit of inventiveness (one of our core values) this week’s blog is an audio segment!

We hope you enjoy getting to hear a story from the Next Day Animations vault: Caitlin Rogers, co-founder of our studio and Chief Storytelling Officer for our incredible explainer videos, was recently interviewed for a segment called Failure Fridays.

"I believe we can learn as much from failure as we can from success, if not more. It’s with this principle in mind that I offer you a weekly segment called Failure Friday: a collection of short stories all about mistakes, missteps, disasters, and of course, failure."

Chrishost of the Side Hustle School podcast

Check out Caitlin’s interview below. An attempt 12 years ago at at creative branding leads to a great lesson in targeting the right audience & just… going for it!

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