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Explainer Video Checklist: Are you Ready to Get Started?

Here at Next Day Animations we’ve worked with scores of clients making hundreds of videos over the last decade. We know that a video is a great way to share your story, whether you’re sharing it with your own internal team, external clients and partners, or the general public. People often ask us, “What do I need to do before I’m ready to start making an explainer video?”

Do you need to have a crystal clear well-developed message? Do you need a draft of your video script? What about a storyboard? A brand new brand guide? A color palette with hex codes and custom font ready to roll?

We’re here to let you in on a secret. We’re going to share our super simple checklist of things you need to have before you can start the process of making an animated explainer video. Are you ready? OK here it is:

Things You Need Before You Can Start Making an Animated Explainer Video

✔ An idea

That’s it. Really! We’ll help you with the rest.

If you want to be an overachiever, you can start thinking about some of the questions we’ll ask you on our Project Kickoff call, such as…

  • How would you summarize the idea behind this video in one sentence?
  • Who is this video for? How familiar are they with the topic of your video? And where will they find it (at a Sales demo, on social media, in your email signature)?
  • What do you want people to do after they watch the video (call for a sales quote, sign your petition, be informed about your topic)?

Our tried and tested collaborative production process means that no matter how big, small, well-formed, or fuzzy of an idea you have, we can turn it into an explainer video. No matter your budget, we can find a solution that works. No matter how long or short your video ends up being, we’ll make it infinitely watchable. And no matter your industry, niche market, or general audience, we’re here to help tell your story so that it resonates and sticks with the folks who need to hear it.

To learn more, call us today!