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How to Optimize Your Internal Communications with Video

We’ve all been there… a major software update turns into a convoluted game of telephone. Accounting thinks they’re supposed to store files in the old system, Marketing has started using the new system, and the project managers are still creating detailed decision trees about when to update your computer.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


An animated explainer video is the best – and most fun – way to share the exact same information to everyone, at the same time, no matter what time zone, department, or stage of denial they’re in. An explainer video can:


Explain a new system, process, policy, or mission statement clearly and concisely

Our scriptwriters can help you identify your most important talking points, and create a compelling script that clearly explains them. We’ve persuasively communicated intranet updates, changes in HR protocol, COVID-19 safety guidelines, mission re-alignments, and employee appreciation.


Ensure a consistent and compelling message across your organization

No more playing telephone or cleaning up messes caused by miscommunication – when everyone watches the same video, everyone gets the same information. This can be especially helpful when your team is spread out around the country, or around the globe. We can add subtitles or translations in any language, and a video can be watched on any platform in any time zone, so you don’t have to juggle dozens of schedules.


Get people hyped about how this new way of working will benefit them

A video can show employees that you understand what’s important to them, and you’re working to make their job more enjoyable. People want to feel seen, and a video that explains exactly why your new process, product, or system is going to help them shows people that you understand – and care about! – their day-to-day satisfaction. And a highly engaged workforce is more productive.


Be used to onboard new members of your team

Once the initial rollout is over, you’ll still need to train new employees – enter the explainer video. Your trainee will get the exact same information as your existing employees, eliminating one more place where old habits or new misunderstandings can cause chaos.


Be shared across multiple platforms

Reach people where they are by posting your video to every available channel, whether that’s your company’s intranet, your email signatures, or your Learning Management System.


Make people actually want to learn about your topic!

Who doesn’t love watching cartoons, especially for work? Videos are enjoyable and memorable, which gets people on board with your message, and that can unify a team and create real organizational change.


So, are you ready to simplify and amplify your internal messaging? Call us today!