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Next Day Animations Music Sharing Club

Productivity, stress-management, motivation and connectivity. These are pretty important, highly sought after states of being that we could all use a little more of. Here at Next Day Animations we’re often thinking about and sharing ways to feel good on the job in order to carry out the work that we love to do. One way members of our team have found helped them feel their best at work is through music. And it makes sense! Music has the ability to motivate us, keep us focused and help us unwind. That’s why, when the idea of creating a shared company-wide Spotify Playlist came up at the last all-staff retreat, we didn’t hesitate to get some of our favorite songs in the queue and start sharing the music that we love.

Here’s a few eclectic tracks that have made an appearance:

  • Hunnybee, Unknown Mortal Orchestra
  • Any Other Way, Jackie Shane
  • A Walk to Remember, Vulfpak
  • You are a Runner and I am my Father’s Son, Wolf Parade

Another testament to the power of music is that the playlist promotes connectivity throughout a team that is either working remotely or in satellite offices. This playlist is yet another way we can connect and collaborate on a daily basis. At Next Day Animations we’re always looking for creative ways to promote and support a healthy company culture and we could not be more pleased to be doing so through the universal language of music (and with the help of Spotify).