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Project Spotlight: Rêve Academy

The Organization:

Rêve Academy, an innovative program focused on providing pathways to digital careers for Minneapolis youth. That’s right, digital careers! Rêve Academy is teaching kids useful skills like design and marketing, providing them with internships, preparing them for careers in technology, and encouraging them to “dream with direction”.

The Challenge:Rêve Academy Whiteboard Animation

Rêve Academy’s programming is assisted by “Digiteers” (digital + volunteers). Rêve needed to recruit people with technology and business experience to teach the students technical and workplace skills, and inspire the next generation of digital experts.

The Solution:

A volunteer reRêve Academy whiteboard animation cruitment animation! Rêve Academy’s whiteboard animation explains the program and encourages people with backgrounds in digital careers to volunteer.

The video shows the steps the kids take to learn the skills and get internships, and how important the Digiteers are in this process. We created icon graphics to show the tech-savvy, modern approach of the organization, as well as illustrations of people to give the audience characters to connect with.

We also focused on the emotional story of the students to show just how much Digiteers can make a difference in their lives. The video details the many ways people can help and directs them to the Rêve Academy website to take the next step.


To us, working with organizations like Rêve Academy is more than just creating an awesome animation. It’s about contributing in a meaningful way to a cause we believe in.Rêve Academy whiteboard animation

Here’s a little behind the scenes secret: At the end of every project, our team does a debrief to make sure we learned all that we could from the project. One thing we track through these debriefs is a mission score, which measures how values-aligned we are with the organization. Rêve Academy easily earned a perfect score – their dedication to making the world a better place through youth development makes them a 10 out of 10 in our book. And doing great work with passionate, mission-driven organizations is the heart and soul of our work here at Next Day Animations.

Could an animation help you reach your recruitment goals? Are you a mission-driven organization trying to get your message out there?


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