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Read Our New Environmental Impact Policy

By November 10, 2017August 16th, 2019Next Day Animations

At Next Day Animations, we’re proud of being a values-driven business. With our focus on values, it’s important to us that we walk the walk, not just talk the talk. In the past, this has led to the development of our scholarship program for young women of color and our grant program for nonprofit organizations. Earlier this year, the question of “how can we as a business better live out our values?” led us to creating an environmental impact policy.

A committee of staff researched and drafted a policy, which was then reviewed by the entire team. A lot of thought and work was put into creating a cohesive document that succinctly outlines our environmental goals. We are proud of what we created and excited to start the journey of decreasing our impact and doing our part to protect this glorious planet.

Next Day Animations Environmental Policy

Next Day Animations recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. We strive to provide a safe, healthful workplace, protecting the environment, conserving energy and natural resources. With these policies in place we hope to be environmental leaders, and will continue to seek out best practices for environmental health. We are committed to:

Multi-modal Transportation

  • Minimizing environmental impact through thoughtful transportation to and from work, including the use of public transit, biking and walking.
  • Providing flexibility to work from home, and using video chat, email and other communication tools to allow for remote work and reducing overall commute distances and frequency.

Reducing Waste

  • Reducing day to day waste, and ensuring all recyclable items are properly disposed of. Recycling and compost receptacles will be available and clearly marked in all office spaces.
  • Reducing our use of paper through digital note-taking and day-planning, minimizing printing, and re-using printed material if able.

Conserving Energy

  • Being conscious of our energy use and monitoring devices and electronics: computers, internet modems, lights, etc. We will proactively turn off/unplug devices if they are not in use.
  • Using energy efficient lightbulbs and other energy efficient electronic options.

Consumer Power

  • Buying refurbished technology and secondhand furniture/equipment when possible.
  • Buying office supplies in bulk and from eco-conscious vendors, including: coffee, tea, snacks, office materials, cleaning supplies.

Strengthening Partnerships

  • Working with and supporting environmentally conscious companies by providing discounts through our Good Works Program.
  • Proactively searching for environmental and/or socially conscious organizations to partner with (such as nonprofits, b-corps, clean energy, and conservation groups).

A Conscious Company Culture

  • Creating a culture of service by encouraging and providing opportunities for staff to volunteer with environmental/social impact organizations at our annual staff retreat.
  • Annual company giving to mission-aligned organizations.
  • Exploring individual or small business carbon offsets.


  • Reviewing the policy annually.
  • Selecting 1-2 champions to do triennial assessment of policy implementation and ensure offices have what they need to carry out this policy.