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Spring Meeting Recap: Planning and Puzzles

Last week, some of our team gathered in rural Maryland for a few days of work and fun. As a business where many team members work remotely, these semi-annual meetings are an important time for us to plan, work, and spend time together. Here are some highlights from our Spring 2017 meeting:

Getting down to business

Our day to day work lives are busy, and it can be hard to find time to step back and look at the big picture. Last week we took some time to plan for the future and solve problems collaboratively. We came away with some great action plans and process changes which we’ve already started to implement.

Location, location

We stayed in a beautiful farmhouse in rural Maryland. The views were gorgeous, the weather was lovely, and there was a perfect porch for having meetings outside. It was a wonderful place to get away from the city, clear our heads and get some great work done.

Saving King Arthur (…almost)

To close out our time together, we did a puzzle room! You know, the thing where your group gets “locked” in a room together, and you have to solve puzzles to find your way out? The one we played was Camelot-themed. We didn’t quite solve the room, but we had a heck of a time trying!

These in-person, off-site meetings are a great time for our team to come together to do what we do best: work hard and have fun doing it.