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Want to Make an Impression? Feature an Animation at Your Event

animations at events

Events are important touch-points for organizations and the people they are trying to reach, whether it’s employees, customers, donors, like-minded orgs, or a curious public. To make the most of your upcoming event, you’ll need to make an impression on your audience. Break the mold with a whiteboard animation to help your ideas stick. Animations are a versatile medium that can be used at any point during your event — as a kick-off/welcome, in smaller group sessions, at a booth, to make a big announcement, or to clearly explain concepts. They can easily be catered to your organization’s needs and the nature of the event itself.

Here are just a few examples of how you can use an animation to wow your audience and bring your event to life!

  • Conference — An animated welcome video will set the tone for a fun and productive day. Pair it with a closing
    professor presentation event

    Our favorite astrophysicist harnessing the power of a whiteboard.

    video to go full circle. Your audience craves originality, and these little touches can go a long way.

  • Trade Show — Show potential customers what you have to offer using an explainer animation. Having one playing at your booth will draw you a crowd and make you the envy of your neighbors.
  • Fundraiser — Animations are a great way to speak to the heart. Kick-off a fundraising event with an animation explaining your cause, why it’s important, and why you need your audience’s help. Real life examples make your video more meaningful.
  • Seminar — Use an animation to educate! Whether you are an academic or a thought leader, animations are a great way to illustrate a point or summarize a talk.
  • Training — We’ve seen animations turn drab and dull into engaging and playful. Imagine what they could do for your employee trainings.
  • Product Launch — Celebrate your team’s success with a joyful whiteboard, or use one to explain your awesome new product or service to potential buyers.
  • Board Meeting — Rather than presenting the same old powerpoint, why not impress your board members with an animation instead? Your data has never looked so good.

There are countless ways a whiteboard animation can enhance your event and connect with your audience. That’s the amazing thing about them — they start as a blank slate that, together, we cater to you and your needs. The possibilities are endless! Give us a call today to get started.

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