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5 Tips for Effective Video Marketing

By June 12, 2020June 16th, 2020Whiteboard Animation

You know that video can convey complex ideas in a way that’s simple, engaging, and easy to understand. It’s also a great way to make meaningful connections with potential customers, current clients, and a wider online community. But… how do you make a good video? And how exactly should you use it in your marketing mix?

Here are five ways to make sure you get the most from your video marketing.  

1. Keep it short.

You could probably talk for hours about your company, idea, product, or service… but that doesn’t mean your audience wants to listen that long. You have only seconds to gain someone’s attention, and your audience probably won’t stick around for more than three minutes. A study from 2016 shows that videos up to 2 minutes long get the best engagement. As a rule, keep all of your videos three minutes or fewer to make sure viewers stick around through your call to action. Have more info than can fit in a short video? Creating a video series is an excellent solution: share all your important info in short, digestible chunks. 

2. Tell a story that’s bigger than you.

Many companies make the mistake of centering themselves in their marketing, but your story shouldn’t be about you – it should be about what you do for others. If you sell solar panels, your video message should be focused on fighting global warming. If you sell telecommunications software, tell a story about real people connecting with each other. Find the emotion at the core of your story, and people will engage with it. Remember, it’s not just about the features of your product, it’s about the solutions you provide. 

3. Narrow your audience.

We know, we know – literally everyone could benefit from buying your product or working with you! While that may be true, by focusing on a specific niche audience, your story is clearer and will resonate more deeply with that specific group. Narrowing your focus can also help you filter out viewers who aren’t the right fit for you, which makes closing sales easier. It also can establish you as an expert in your niche, which builds trust right from the get-go.

4. Set and track measurable goals.

Before you release any video, tie it to your business goals. You could aim to generate a specific number of leads, have a certain level of engagement on social media, or a certain number of new signatures to your petition. How do you know whether video was a smart investment if you aren’t setting benchmarks and then measuring the video’s effectiveness? Set SMART goals before you even make the video, and share them with the people you’re working with, so they can use them to guide the video-making process.

5. Plan a comprehensive distribution strategy

Beyond posting the video to YouTube (which is a great place to start!), think about using your video on the landing page of your website, on your blog, as part of a paid media campaign, and to zhuzh up your SEO. By simply including video on your website you signal to the search engine that your site has rich, varied content, which is a major bonus in the SEO world. Check out our step by step guide to marketing your video online. 

Want more ideas for how to use your brand new explainer video? We’ve got ‘em! We’d love to talk more about your big idea, and how video can help make it a reality.