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We all have things about our lives, or our world, that we want to change. Whether it’s small adjustments to our daily habits, or large systemic shifts we’re envisioning, change can feel daunting.

There isn’t a magic wand that will transform our world into one that’s equitable, just, and joyful.

But, in our toolbox of tools for change, video can make (and has made!) a real difference. 

We’re here to show you why video should be in your toolbox. Here are 5 videos that inspire change:

Pallet Shelter created this 2D Video to explain their Village Model.

Changing the way we provide shelter:

Most significant change requires networks of support, other people who see, as you do, that change is needed. 

Video is one way to inform and explain why change is necessary, or how it might happen.

This animation inspires change on behalf of Pallet Shelters. They needed a way to explain their mission and their Village Model, which effects change around the homelessness crisis.

Changing how communities interact with the court system:

There are so many groups working towards change who could benefit from an animation.

Each year, our studio awards two animations, free of charge, to deserving non-for-profit organizations who apply to our Animations to Change the World Grant. This grant-winning video is a great example of video inspiring change.

Our hope is that the grant will amplify the voice of an important cause that may not be getting its fair share of air time. This animation inspires change by explaining how the Haddington Defense Hub empowers communities. By working on individual cases, the Haddington Defense Hub is ultimately building a movement to hold courts accountable and end mass incarceration.

Check out this playlist to see all the winners from our Animations to Change the World Grant.

Changing the way we view our right to vote:

Sometimes, we know that change is needed, but we’re not sure how to take action. Explainer videos can act as effective calls to action for a variety of causes.

In this example, bright animated landscapes and characters help viewers see themselves – and the power of their vote – represented. When the final frame prompts audiences to take action, they are clear on not only the why, but the how.

We created this video with the Voter Participation Center in advance of the 2022 Midterm elections.

Changing the justice system:

Another winner from our Animations to Change the World grant, this video created with the ACLU of Minnesota is an excellent example of how much information you can pack into two minutes by leveraging animation.

Visuals and narration work together to paint a fuller picture than just one or the other could do alone.

In cases where you have a lot to explain, such as effecting change in the arenas of public policy or civic action, video can show statistics and imagery on screen while a compelling narrative draws bigger connections.

Changing how we think about mental health:

Video empowers you to do a lot with a little – you can send it all over the world, without ever leaving your couch, garnering supporters in all corners of the globe.

Check out this video we created with United Way, which was used in a wide-spanning campaign, aimed at encouraging youth audiences to take a pledge to create a mental health action plan.

This video inspires change with the main message delivered by a familiar face, United Way’s mental health mascot Gizmo. In just 30 seconds, Gizmo illustrates to audiences how the mental health pledge can make a change in their lives, and how to begin today.

These videos are just a few examples of how video can transform your audience into changemakers.

What are you waiting for? Call us today and let’s get you one step closer to enacting the changes you want to see.


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