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Changing the World… One Explainer Video At A Time

Next Day Animations is a B Corp. Put simply, being a B Corp means that we sincerely care about positively impacting our world. For us, that starts with our supporting the wellness of our team, the communities we are a part of, and our environment. But there’s more to the story than the immediate ecosystem we work within.

As we move from June into July, our team has been reflecting on what it means to make true societal change. In June, we observed the celebration of Pride, the anniversary of Juneteenth, and the welcoming of the Summer Solstice – all in a matter of 4 weeks. In their own ways, each of these moments in June invites us to reflect deeply on societal change. Whether it’s pushing governments to be inclusive of all genders, training teams on the power of diversity, or making sure summers don’t get any hotter, we’re here to clarify and amplify our amazing clients’ work towards inclusivity, liberation, and greener living.  

These annual events also call us to interrogate with rigor the societal changes we still need: changes that are necessary to bring us closer to true inclusivity, true collective liberation, and true harmony with our planet. That’s where being a B Corp comes back in.

Being a B Corp with a dedicated commitment to partnership means that we love working with clients whose projects result in something more than just a stellar animation. When we combine our expertise – telling a story in a compelling, memorable way – with your incredible ideas, we all win.

We’ve even been recognized by the Better Business Bureau for our business ethics, and by Snowball Creations as one of the Top Sustainable Marking Agencies in the US.

As we wrap up this June, we invite you to join us in reflecting on what true change looks like in action. Read on to watch and read about some of those rewarding projects we mentioned above.  

We at Next Day are so grateful for the opportunities behind these videos and what we’ve learned working with these teams: that there’s really nothing like a partnership based in moving together towards that truly beautiful future we’re all after.