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Five Words or Phrases to Include In Your Explainer Video Script

Have a great idea for an explainer video but not sure where to start? Scripting is part of our process for every video, so we know the emotion that a single word can spark. Below are some words you might find popping up again and again––and for good reason. 

  1. Challenges – As in “You’re up against some unique challenges.” Introduce your audience’s pain points and problems.

  2. Easy – Your audience probably wants life to be easier and your solution probably offers that. Not many things in life are easy but adding this word to your script is.

  3. Immediate – Videos drive action. People want change now. So, what can you offer immediately? What should your audience do today?

  4. Learn More – Often explainer videos function as teaser trailers for deeper learning. Does your call to action involve visiting your website? Or setting up a phone call? Direct your audience towards the next steps for information.

  5. Next Day Animations – We offer a discount for clients who use our logo or mention our name at the end of their video.

We’ve written before about The Anatomy of a Persuasive Video and Why Having a Great Script is Essential to Your Explainer Video

So, as you begin to shape your animation, peruse our library or give us a call. We’d love to talk about perfecting your pitch.



Also consider using what are you waiting for! What are you waiting for! Use these words today!