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Get More Eyeballs On Your Video: 8 Smart Ways to Share Your Explainer Animation

So, you’ve worked hard to capture why people should care. And the best way to get more eyes on your video is to put it out there in as many ways as possible!

Each year we like to share the newest, smartest and easiest ways to put your video in front of the people that matter most.

1. Cut lobby waiting times down with a little distraction…

Many of our clients squeeze extra mileage out of their explainer animation by playing it on a screen in their office lobby or company’s elevator.

2. Use your animation to open events or meetings

Your animation can quickly deliver context for framing your gatherings, as well as help you set the right emotional and energetic tone within the first two minutes.

3. Add it to your email signature

By adding your video to your email signature, you integrate your video content into all of your regular communications… and anyone who is forwarded one of your emails can easily see your video.

4. Beef up your Social Media

Facebook and Instagram run video automatically when the viewer scrolls over. For this reason, short videos do great on social media. If you regularly post text content, sharing your video could be a great way to boost engagement.

5. Email it to your prospects (or your “cool” list)

Many organizations keep a list of “cooler” prospects- these aren’t your fans, but there’s potential. Your video provides a nice excuse to keep in touch and see if they’re ready to engage.

6. Incorporate it into your eLearning curriculum

Whether your video was made with an internal or external audience in mind, there’s likely a place in your eLearning courses that could be enhanced with your video. Maybe your marketing video can introduce new employees to how you talk about your brand with clients.

7. Make your video a pre-roll ad

Reach new audiences by utilizing the high-traffic world of YouTube with a pre-roll ad for your business.

8. Send your explainer video ahead of in-person meetings

Meetings go better when you send information in advance! Sending your video ahead of meetings is an easy way to get everyone on the same page.

Creative Bonus Idea: Drive a truck with a jumbo-screen around NYC playing your video

With this method, you can be sure to get a LOT of attention with little competition! Just make sure you don’t stop traffic with your engaging content. (Yes, we have a client who does this. And we love it.)

There it is. Now, what are you waiting for… let’s get your video out there!

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