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How Next Day Animations Supports Small Businesses

Our team here at Next Day Animations has been assisting clients of all sizes around the world with video production, advertising, and other videos. We’ve worked for global clients and businesses of all shapes and sizes, but today we’re here to highlight our support for small businesses. Our superb staff can support your small business — most notably through the creation of animated videos.

There are numerous reasons a small business can benefit from a high quality animated video produced by Next Day Animations. While you can be passionate about your business — that passion might not translate to your customers. Animated videos can spice that up. Also, the spice of an animated video can help your bounce rate — small businesses are specifically susceptible to this because they don’t have the resources initially to design their sites. Animated videos can help keep you up to speed with your competitors, improve your site’s SEO, and humanize your business.

We know that these are tough times for small businesses around the world. The COVID 19 pandemic, ensuing lockdowns, and the economic calamity that has befallen the world has hurt all businesses, but especially small businesses. We’re here to create video production remotely for your small business so that you can hit the ground running when the world restarts.

Another way that you can help your favorite small businesses is to leave them a review on their preferred ratings and review website! Love your barber? Show him some love on Google Reviews. Are you a fan of a bar down the street? Review it on Yelp! If you love your favorite B2B service provider and video production company, review them on The Manifest!

The Manifest is the world’s premier ratings and review site for B2B services. The Manifest recognizes companies around the world by providing independently verified client reviews presented in a case study style format so that you can feel confident in your next B2B purchase. The Manifest is the gold standard for B2B ratings and reviews, which is why we’re honored to maintain a 5.0-star rating on the site.

In a recent review, Andrew Collier, the regional campaign manager of the National Public Pension Coalition praised the animation videos we made for his retirement security nonprofit.

“They create great videos. Everything they’ve produced has been incredible.” – Andrew Collier

We love supporting small businesses, if you want to see how we can support you and your business please contact us today!