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The Power of Laughter: Humor in Explainer Animations

The Power of Laughter: Humor in Explainer Animations

Explainer animations have a magical power. They can create visual humor… without limits. Want a chicken to cross the road? No need for barnyard talent scouts or the endless search for the perfect highway. We can draw the chicken of your dreams in the street you always imagined. Combine this with a well-written script, the laughs are exponential.

But what exactly is the point of all this laughter and fun?

What can humor bring to your explainer animation?

Check out our answers to these age-old questions below.

Impactful Marketing

Companies that use video marketing enjoy 41% more web traffic than non-users and 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad. But in the midst of all of these chart-topping videos and mind-blowing landing pages, how do you stand out? Humor! Like hand-drawn illustrations, humor adds a human touch. It connects you to your audience, keeping your message and your name in their minds even after they’ve shut their laptops. Check out our blog post here for more tips.

Engaging Education

Let’s be honest: critical information can be hazardously boring. And the lower the audience buy-in, the less likely they are to retain your message. In animations, unique made-for-you visuals and jokes timed to reinforce key concepts make it easy for to remember the information being shared.

Sincere Appreciation

It can be hard to say thank you–– whether to donors, workers, mentors, or your own family. It’s easy to fall into cliché or sound cheesy at the moment when it feels most important to be honest. Humor, particularly an inside joke or reference to a shared experience, livens up these moments and allows the really meaningful “thank you” to land. Check out the link here for an example of how we helped Universal Studios with a employee appreciation project.

Viral Fun

We know a thing or two about what goes viral, and we’ve written about it before. Humor, particularly unexpected humor, spreads like a cold in a kindergarten classroom. Combine this with your explainer animation’s powerful message, and we’re looking at a veritable internet plague. We can’t wait to catch it.

So whether you’re launching your cat’s singing career or thanking donors for a year of support, consider including humor in your explainer animation. As our unofficial mascot, the Chicken Knight, knows: powerful things come in funny packages. Here’s to living your truth boldly!