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Why Simplicity Works

blog title graphic; a digital drawing of a young man struggling in front of a giant whiteboard covered in mathematical equations. he looks disheveled; in the center of the board is a big lightbulb that reads 'big idea.' the title reads 'Why Simplicity Works!'

Simplicity. It’s one of our favorite words around here.

Our brains are all full of so many things: grocery lists, appointments we have to remember to add to our calendar, useless song lyrics – so it can be hard to retain new information. 

This is why our studio uses simplicity to cut through the noise.

The clients that come to us have important messages. Their missions range from saving lives to spreading information to selling innovative solutions.

Yet no matter how cutting-edge your message is, you need to stick the landing in order to move your audience into action.

Check out this simple and sweet 15 second video we created with Efficiency Vermont.

Simplicity is the key to effective explainers. Luckily, you’ve come to the simplicity experts:

What does simplicity look like in explainer animations?

For an explainer animation, simplicity is the distillation of your complex story into:

The videos in this series created with Free the Work drum up excitement and share crucial information, while keeping things simple. See the full project here.

The right context: Including what’s in it for your audience. Why should they care? 

The right copy: Keeping it informal (and easy to understand quickly), avoiding jargon.

The right level of detail: Rather than the documentary, think trailer.

And with the right call to action: What behavior do you want your audience to take next?

It’s this formula that leads to the concise, compelling messaging that drives actual behavior change

But simplicity is easier said than done, especially when you’re trying to describe something you’re both passionate about and thisclose to. 

So how do we get there?

You’re not alone. The award-winning Next Day Animations team will guide you through every step of the process. 

We harness the power of simplicity throughout our partnership, by keeping laser focus on what’s most important at each stage of the project. Check out some examples of our best storytelling, with the magic of simplicity kept front of mind:

Ready to get started simplifying your complex story?

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