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The Anatomy of a Landing Page

What is a Video Landing Page?

This is a specific page for a specific audience, designed to tailor information in such a way that it generates more leads or purchases.

Site visitors will click on a direct link (from search results, or social media, or email campaigns, etc.) which leads them to “land” on a page. Like this.

These often have a video, designed to increase conversion. 

Different than a home page, a landing page will has one main link to drive action.

(And a website might have multiple landing pages, each for a different audience or product. For example, we created this landing page specifically for audiences that might prefer a more simplified version of our homepage.)


  • Use video on your site? The average user will spend 88% more time there.
  • Viewers retain 95% of your message. Compare that with 10% retention for reading.
  • US television networks have thousands of hours of video. But these days, more video content is added in 30 days than they’ve made in 30 years.

What do I include in a landing page’s video?

  • Your customer’s perspective. How will you solve their problem?
  • Call to action. Ask users to call, fill out a form, donate–– anything you can dream up.
  • Humor. Laughter reinforces key concepts and makes your message stickier.
  • Bonus: Your brand story. Telling your own story can be a tool for humanizing your company and connecting with your users’ needs.

Tips and tricks

  • Adapt pieces of your video for social media. Studies show that video engages more than any other type of post on social media.
  • Share via email. Emails with “video” in the title are more likely to be opened and to convert leads.
  • Give special attention to the launch and marketing of your video. Slay that SEO. (Side note: These are the kind of projects we LOVE to help with, if you’re looking for backup.)

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¹ All stats come from Forbes