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Persuade your Decision Makers: How to Pitch An Explainer Video

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So you already know that explainer videos are a smart investment. But does your boss?

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If you’re in a position where you need to pitch an explainer video or series, here are some persuasive points you can share to get your leadership on board for creating a video.


Explainer Videos have amazing ROI

At Next Day Animations, our team can help you think through how your videos fit into your overall strategy to maximize your value.

With one investment, you get something you can use over and over again. The only limit on where you can share an explainer is your imagination. (Not to mention that video content can give your SEO a serious boost.)

Explainer videos are also very inexpensive to update. Editing your animation to add in your refreshed logo or reflect that updated branding won’t require breaking the bank for a re-shoot or complete overhaul; this makes animation a reliable choice.


Explainer Videos are proven

Explainer animations are shown to drive engagement, comprehension and behavioral change. 

If you’re looking to influence your audience’s actions, there’s no more efficient way than a persuasive video. 

(If industry examples might help envision the possibilities, check out our industry specific playlists on Youtube, including healthcare, nonprofit, tech, and marketing industry playlists!)


Simple cartoon versions of the NDA team work together to pass a 'project' forward from team mate to team mate, completing our 'Mission'

Consider a video for sharing your company’s mission, like this one we created last year.


Explainer Videos save you time

Does your organization spend a lot of time answering the same FAQs or troubleshooting the same issues over and over?

Think how free you’ll be to focus on other things when a video does the explaining for you. Videos are perfect for things like your company mission, FAQ pages, or landing pages for specific products.

They say time is money – looks like another bullet point for your ROI slide!


You’re getting more than just a video

Working with experts helps you refine your message and make it sparkle. The outside perspective of a creative team can add value to your content that extends past the project itself.  At Next Day Animations, we’re by your side, managing the process from start to fantastic finished product.

Working with us is different from internal copywriting or DIY-ing your video. That’s the secret value-add included with every project. When you work with Next Day Animations, you’re not just getting an amazing end product: You’re also getting our guidance and expert message consulting throughout the process.

Curious about all the details? Check out this video we created that outlines everything you need to know about our process.


So, are you ready to pitch your big idea for an explainer video?

You know that no one knows your organization/department’s goals and needs better than you do, but we’re happy to offer these tips. When pitching any project, it’s important to come prepared with specific ideas, a budget, and clear goals. Explain your anticipated ROI and how the video will fit into your marketing/communications plan. Bring research about your industry and your competitors.

These kinds of details will turn your pitch into a compelling proposal your leadership will have a hard time saying no to. Good luck!

Don’t forget, you can always reach our fabulous client advisors directly at 202-747-0404 for a free quote and consultation.