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How to Make A Whiteboard Video That Increases Conversions

By August 26, 2016August 16th, 2019Marketing
video that increases conversions

As marketers for small and large businesses alike, we all have a similar goal: sell the thing! This objective can look a lot of different ways. In salesy language, we’re talking about conversion — or the percentage of people who take a desired action. Typically this comes down to sales, and more specifically, the percentage of users who visit your website who then go on to buy something. The higher this percentage, the better. If your conversion rate increases, you know that your marketing and sales efforts are working.

Conversions are not just for companies who are selling products or services; it also can apply to any desired action. For example, a nonprofit may track the percentage of users who go on to make a donation. Or, an organization hosting a conference may track the rate of users who register for their event. Or, a company might not track direct sales, but the number of people who fill out a form requesting more information. Essentially, conversion rate is a helpful metric for determining if your website is getting you the results you want.

So, how do you improve your conversion rate?

There are many ways to boost sales, and video is a big one. Users are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video. Video is an awesome tool to persuade people to take action — but not all videos are made equal. If you want to make a video that has the highest possible impact on your conversion rate, follow these tips.

Decide on a call to action

This is so crucial for videos meant to increase conversion. The first thing you need to know is what your desired action is, and have a way to measure it. Once you have that action in mind, translate that into a simple directive to get your call to action (or CTA).

Some examples of a CTA:

  • Donate Now
  • Download the App
  • Buy Online Today

This phrase will be the driving force of your video, which will strive to persuade the viewer to take that action. Knowing your CTA, and making sure it’s a key part of your video, is crucial to driving up conversion.

Make it easy for the viewer to act

Think about the user experience of your viewer. What are you asking them to do? For example, if you are asking them to make a phone call, make sure your number is included in big writing in the video. Or, if you want them to visit your online shop, make sure the link is clearly labeled and physically close to the video. In fact, youtube allows you to overlay buttons in your video so the user can click and get to your desired location. The easier you make it for the viewer to perform your CTA, the more likely they are to do it. That’s just human nature!

Answer questions

Put yourself in your viewer’s shoes. What will they find most interesting about your product? What questions are they most likely to have? Let these points guide your video. A product video is a way to communicate with all of your potential customers quickly. Take advantage of that, and make sure to highlight all key points and differentiators. If a customer still has questions about your product and what it can do for them, they may pass. If they have all their questions answered and are clear on what sets the product apart, they are more likely to buy.


The reason video is so popular to begin with is the entertainment factor. People just plain enjoy watching video more than reading text. You want to create a video that informs, persuades, and delights. Adding humor or emotional tidbits is a great way to get your viewer to like your brand and build trust. If they feel like they have a relationship with your company, they are more likely to shop from you, and to become a recurring shopper. Whiteboard animations are a great way to get your point across with humor and warmth.

Hire an expert

And we know just the one! But really, there are folks out there who live and breathe this stuff. Ourselves included. Hiring someone will save you time and money over trying to DIY. And, we can help you through the whole process — from visioning to file delivery and beyond. Stuck on the perfect CTA? No problem. Questions about the best place to feature your video? Got you covered … Clueless about how to even begin producing a video? Give us a call.